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Emotional eating? – Did you know that your unconscious mind encourages you to eat when you’re bored, depressed or anxious? It thinks it’s making you happy!!

Now consciously you know it’s not a good idea to eat this much but it’s like one part of you is saying, “eat it… eat it” whilst another part is saying, “No, I want to slimmer, fitter, healthier”, with you being caught up in a  loop of struggling to lose weight.

You may have had years of yo-yo dieting, various eating plans, slimming clubs, gym memberships etc. etc. perhaps even having some success but ultimately failing and putting the weight back on. This may be because slimming clubs and diet plans only look at the food eat you and not at your unconscious mind and the reasons why you eat when you’re not hungry

So, ask yourself the following questions and if you answer yes to one or more then consider looking at the Slim Via Hypnosis 4-session weight loss package

Have you tried diets but find they don’t work for you?

When you lose weight, do you put it back on?

Is your weight is affecting your health?

Is your weight is affecting your confidence?

You binge eat more than once a week?

You eat more when I’m stressed or anxious?

You have cravings when you try to lose weight?

Slim Via Hypnosis uses a combination of cognitive strategies, positive suggestions and affirmations, respect, motivation, confidence building and forward pacing. As your hypnotherapist, I will use various Slim via Hypnosis techniques including some elements of CBT and NLP to provide you with tools and strategies to help lose and maintain your weight loss.

This weight loss program is not about diets and constantly saying no to the foods you love, it’s about lifestyle change, making the right choices.

Do you continue to overeat although you want to lose weight?

Your 4 session Slim Via Hypnosis program include:


A beautiful A5 binder packed full of information, designed to help you keep all of your slimming materials in one place

A weekly Slim Via Hypnosis magazine, giving you information, hits tips etc

A weekly self hypnosis recording for you to listen to at home

Information & factual handouts to keep you motivated

Fact sheets from the Association of UK Dietitians

Weekly food logs

Daily emails with informative, factual information

Telephone, text & email access to myself during daytime hours over the four weeks

Together we look at:

Your goals, what you wish to achieve

How your mind works, why you turn to food

Your beliefs about your weight

Secondary gains – are you unconsciously sabotaging your weight loss?

Your Self-esteem & confidence

Alternative behaviours to emotional eating

How to deal with cravings

The excuses you make to yourself

Habits that affect your weight

How stress affects your weight

Appetite recognition

Portion control

Mindfulness eating

How to do Self Hypnosis

How to keep your metabolism active

Ideas for easy exercise

Why you overeat when you would like to be slimmer

So, if you are really committed to becoming slimmer, fitter & healthier then this program will enable you to work with your powerful unconscious mind so you can begin to permanently change those old unwanted habits that are stopping you becoming the person you want to be.

Each session is 90 -120 minutes and includes an enormous amount of content

If you believe you have any medical issues that could be affecting your weight, then can I please request you consult your GP informing them that you are considering the ‘Slim Via Hypnosis’ program.  If it would make things easier for you, I can write to your GP on your behalf