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Emotional Freedom Technique

So many people all over the world have already discovered the amazing power of EFT tapping and used this therapy to resolve issues of stress, anxiety, addictions, anger and fear in their lives. In some cases, these were issues that the person had suffered with for years prior to discovering EFT tapping therapy.

For most people, EFT tapping is not the first method they try to use to solve their problems. Most people have tried all kinds of different psychological techniques, with psychologists, powerful drugs that can be addictive, and other methods to control their troubles. But for so many of these people, discovering EFT tapping marked the end of their search for helpful therapy and the beginning of their recovery.

EFT tapping works for emotional problems by facilitating a free and unobstructed flow of energy through the human body. Since energy blockages and disturbances are the root cause of all our emotional troubles, clearing these blockages and allowing the body’s energy to flow naturally the way it is meant to is a solution that many people can understand and feel working within themselves as they tap through their emotional problems.

How tapping works Understanding the root cause of these problems is the key to understanding why EFT tapping has worked for so many people. It is because unlike so many other methods to control our problems that aim only at the symptoms while ignoring the root cause, EFT tapping instead targets the root cause of our problems. Every emotional problem you have in your life has the same common root cause: energy blockages and disturbances. These energy disturbances manifest themselves in different ways which is why we experience a range of negative emotions. But whether we are talking about fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, insecurity, or any other negative emotion, they are all caused by blockages and disturbances in our energy flow.

EFT tapping aims to clear blockages and disturbances in our body’s natural energy flow, returning us to a natural state of energy equilibrium. It is only when our body’s energy flows naturally as it is supposed to that we can be truly free of the problems in our lives, including obesity. Some therapists have referred to EFT tapping as a “panacea” for human emotional ills for this reason. By targeting the common root of emotional struggles, EFT tapping can be used as a powerful tool to eradicate all of them